winery under construction frame

Winery Design and Construction

brixtone can be there right from the beginning – taking your ideas and working with you and our architect to turn those ideas into construction drawings.  We can help you determine the size of your facility, tasting room flow, interior and exterior finishes, parking, event space, production facilities and bathrooms and kitchens.


Because all we do is build wineries, we bring to the table a highly specialized skillset to help insure the success of your project.  

Our construction partners are dedicated to provide the highest quality standards- most have been with us for every project.

As a business owner, brixtone is respectful of your budget and your time.

Owner's Representative

ken wilson winery consultant owners representative

Owner’s representatives are usually hired to monitor, not manage a project.  An owner’s rep acts as an extension of the owner, managing the day-to-day operations of the project.  From conceptual design, pre-construction, bidding, construction, to the final punchlist, the owner’s rep is there to advise and represent.  The owner’s rep ensures the owner’s best interest are at the heart of every decision.  


We represent your interest only – not the interest of the contractors or design team.  We are your eyes and ears on the jobsite ensuring the quality you expect, completed in a timely manner and within budget. 
As the owner, you maintain all decision-making authority and all contractual relationships flow back to the owner.

Because of our unique experience in winery construction, hiring an owner’s rep allows a business owner to focus on what they do best – running their core business – while knowing their interests are protected by a designated representative throughout the course of the project.


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